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What We Do

We know your occasion is special, that's why we want you to preserve, share and relive your memories for years to come. DVDs are great for watching your event on a big screen, but wouldn't it be great to have a portable version to have with you on your iPod or mobile phone? or even your own website where you can invite friends and family to watch highlights of the big day!

The quality high definition footage we shoot can be edited to perfection in our unique style. We don't use excessive special effects and fast transitions to hide shaky footage, or leave the camera on a tripod with endless static shots. Instead we focus on high quality specialist footage that is shot through single or multiple cameras to ensure your video captures the natural excitement of the day. Keeping it visually captivating, intriguing and most of all fun to watch.

As well as video, our unique still photography can capture the essence of each moment of your day. With natural, striking photography, beautifully edited, printed and custom designed into superb quality photobooks, you can relive every moment.


Creative Videography Post production. Audio & Video. Special effects. Music. Editing. Highlights. Video website. Digital video for portable device and mobile. High Definition. Videos. DVDs. Digital files.

Creative & Unique. Stylish & Captivating.

Every occasion is unique, so we will work with you to understand what works best for you. Take a look at our package options or contact us for a tailored quote for your exact requirements.

More Options

Videography Only
Videography Only

If you're interested in videography only without editing, prices start from just 150.
Contact us for more details.

Editing Only

If you already have a video that you would like edited, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Videography Packages
Videography Packages

Take a look at our videography packages for a mix of videography, editing and special extras.

Photography Packages
Interested in photography as well?

Take a look at our photography packages.

Vidiuum Productions specialise in videography and video production services for weddings, barmitzvahs, engagements, corporate events and special occasions covering London, North London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Kent, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex and Greater London.

Services Include:
Creative Videography - Post production - Audio & Video - Special effects - Music - Editing - Video highlights - Video website - Digital video for portable device and mobile phone - High definition videos - DVD mastering - Digital files

All services provided are subject to terms and conditions. Services, prices and specification may change without notice. Service coverage area may vary depending on location and type of event. All services, bookings and fees are provisional until final confirmation. Please contact us for full details.